3361 Orpheus

a mind of tiles
icicle strips
it speaks
in signals and trills
from nebulae reaches
it broadcasts
a satellite lyre
that plays and replays
your name alone
a cyclone
the palpitation
of an army
of broken transmissions
plumed waves
drumming against
a pinioned silence.

Loop 3361, libretto-soundscape-audiobook (in progress)

Φύρα‘ [‘Scrap/Dregs/Chaff’], collection of poems published by Saixpirikon Publications, July 2022

Presentation/Collaborative Performance of an extract from ‘The Wanderings of Oisín’ by W. B. Yeats at the first Athens Irish Festival, May/June 2022

Guest Reader for ‘Crossing Brooklyn Ferry’, by Walt Whitman

on the show ‘Diachroniko Diadiktyo’, presented by Lenia Safeiropoulou

ERT Radio, Trito Programma

‘The Name of the Beloved’, a woven reading of diverse poems on the concept of the Beloved, inspired by Jalal al-Din Rumi. In collaboration with Christos Siorikis and Me ta Logia Ginetai, April 2022

From ‘3361 Orpheus’, featured in The Visual Experience, 4th Edition by Davis Publications, Moving Poems, Nasimi Festival and International Poetry Film Festival of Thuringia [in collaboration with Afrodite Bitzouni].

Included in Publications/Journals:

My entry for the #ReadALetter campaign by Letters Live
From 'Κόκκοι', as published in issue #14/15  
of [φρμκ] Διασπορά, autumn/summer 2019 
* το νησί 
είναι αργό κι ακίνητο 
δε σαλεύει 
όμως συσπάται 
το πρόσωπό του 
από πένθος 

* με την πύλη ανοιχτή  
φυλάει την αυλή 
μια πέτρα φθαρμένη 
σα δόντι θεού 

* οι περαστικοί σταματάνε 
στον ύφαλο του χωραφιού 
κοιτάνε για ώρα    
τα δύο τυλιγμένα φίδια  

* στεγνός
κείτεται ο γλάρος 
κι από πάνω δράκος 
πετά χαρταετός 
-μακρυά λέει η μάνα 
απ' τα νεκρά ζώα- 
το κορίτσι με το σπάγγο 
δειλά δοκιμάζει να δαμάσει 
τη σκιά που ο αδελφός κυνηγά
From 'Breccia', published in Poetry Collection 2020 
by Tomarchio Editore
l'orologio significa che sei qui 
stanno a casa 
trasferimenti di memoria 
le famiglie 
semi che viaggarono   

Con ira gli dicono 
Mettiti i nostri colori 
Non dimenticare 
Lui però diventò 
spaventapasseri di miele 
legno liquido 
il sonno degli uccelli 
felino di strada 
filo del tetto 
di inceppate ruote   

Per cosa girano? 
Che cosa cercano di fare?
Plotlines on Air’, featured in Extending ley lines, a book accompanying the moving image installation ‘To a line‘ by Will Jennings, London
Eurasian Teal’, featured in Birdbook II, by Sidekick Books
Eurasian Teal
You're not a colour
you're a
duck on
seasonal migration.
Not an
ordinary duck
―a petite exotic
eye-shadowed cousin―
wintering here in
a great greengrey flock
a travelling troupe
a team of dabbling
synchronized swimmers.  
I'm not sure if
as you pass you sing
in a Cyrillic,
thespian quack
that dissipates
in symphony
across an evening
sky of Hermitage
colours or if
you as the shamans
speak in tundralect
and snowpine speech.
We must be but
a brief moment
in your schedule;
an accidental stop
on your splash tour
of our Occidental
theatres of water.
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