Squirrels and Nuts

So, what is Squirrel School? Well, a school for squirrels, obviously! No, not really. Squirrel School is the name of my blog, so named because I have a natural affinity with squirrels (more on that at a later date) and because I guess the blog is part of my constant quest for knowledge.

In Irish mythology, the Salmon of Knowledge living in the Well of Segais is said to be wise because it eats the hazelnuts that fall into the well from the nine Hazel trees surrounding it. Partly inspired by this and partly by my little furry familiars, I decided to call my scribbles on education ‘nuts of wisdom’.

It may appear that I am the keeper of these nuts (yes, I did just write that), but that’s not how I look at it all; I feel that, much like for the salmon, they fall around me, and much like squirrels, I take them and hide them in different spots. I also go hunting for them, in bookshops, libraries or online. Much of what I will be writing is going to be presenting and synthesizing ideas from other sites and put forward by other people.

The purpose of all this is perhaps for the blog to serve as a storage house for ideas which I feel are worthwhile, and sometimes for the presentation of small sprouts, plans and content for lessons, schemes of work or school policies.

The primary driver of all this is my experience as a teacher who tries to not take himself too seriously and who utilises humour to create memorable experiences for my students, but also for myself. In fact, teachers’ enjoyment of lessons is something that I will be writing about a lot.

So, I hope this gives you an idea of the premise of this blog. Be ready for some more nuts falling around you soon!

Paul Sano, Early morning in the forest
c. 1912, stereo autochrome

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